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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Reflections on Week 1

After reviewing the posts from this week, I'm wondering if possibly there shouldn't be a change of sorts made to include more people in the conversation. Everything this week was geared more towards preaching, based on my wrestling with the Parable of the Wedding Feast.

Jonathan's SOAP method, in addition to some of the comments made on the blog and to me personally, leads me to think that there may be better ways to include everyone.

So, what I'm wondering is instead of just focusing on preaching, why not commit ourselves to everyone wrestling with (and commenting) on the lectionary passages. By this, I mean that we read the lectionary passages, identify what theological issues are present, and then discuss how these issues work themselves out in our lives and as leaders in local churches.

For instance, Eric is a computer scientist, by trade, but one that attends a very interesting church in San Diego, and reads Milbank, Cunningham, etc. very well. My question is then how does he find the issues of RO/good theology and the Scriptures from the lectionary connecting with his life and the life of his church. Jonathan is a youth pastor in the United Methodist Church, but is one who is very much devoted to the Wesleyan conception of practicing the faith. He is much more mystical than me, and brings an entirely different viewpoint to the table. I could go on and on, but how interesting it would be for us all to engage theology and the lectionary as it intersects our daily lives and the life of our churches.

What do you think? I look forward to your comments.

Grace and Peace,


Blogger St.Phransus said...

count this theo.nerd in :)

October 09, 2005 9:09 PM  
Blogger Eric Lee said...

Sounds good to me. I've been reading along -- just haven't had time to comment until tonight on that previous post.



October 11, 2005 2:44 AM  

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