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Monday, November 21, 2005

A Week with Dan Bell

In a class I am currently taking on forgiveness, we are reading Liberation Theology after the End of History: The Refusal to Cease Suffering by Dan Bell. This is really a fantastic book on a number of different points. This week, I will look at some of Bell's claims and the theological implications of those claims. Here is a rough schedule of how I will approach this task:

Day One: The End of History
Day Two: Capitalism as an Ensemble of Technologies that Shape Desire
Day Three: The Crisis of Ecclesiology in Liberation Theology (and our own)
Day Four: Christianity as an Ensemble of Technologies that Shape Desire
Day Five: Forgiveness: The Liberation of Desire
Day Six: The Implications of Forgiveness: Atonement
Day Seven: Forgiveness and Eschatology


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