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Can preaching again have something to say?
This blog marks the attempt to bring the theological vision of Radical Orthodoxy into the worship and preaching of the local church.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Landed in Tennessee

I hope to be back blogging in the near future. I started as Youth Pastor for Blakemore and West Nashville United Methodist Churches in Nashville on Sunday. Last week was insane. In addition to moving, I finished my comprehensive exams, while we were moving. I am beginning to catch up on my sleep!

I have missed blogging, and I hope to be posting again soon. I hope everyone is well.

Grace and Peace,

Monday, March 06, 2006

Call for papers

If you all are interested, Conor Cunningham, author within the 'Radical Orthodoxy' series, has asked me to spread the word about the Call-for-papers at this year's event. Details are below:

‘Belief and Metaphysics’

The Centre of Theology and Philosophy, in partnership with the Instituto de Filosofía Edith Stein de Granada (www.if-edithstein.org), will hold its annual conference, over four days, in Granada, Spain, doing so under the invitation of Archbishop Javier Martinez.

September 15th-18th, 2006, Granada, Spain:

Belief and Metaphysics

(Conference Details)

'Could it turn out that nobody has ever believed anything?' (Paul Churchland)

Speakers include: Oliva Blanchette, Louis Dupré, Mark D Jordan, Merold Westphal, David Cooper, John Cottingham, E.J Lowe, Rudi te Velde, David Bentley Hart, Ludger Honnefelder, David Burrell, Hent de Vries, Simon Conway-Morris, Charles Taliaferro, Michael Rea, and John Milbank

Call-for-Papers: We are interested in papers discussing any topic at the interface of belief and metaphysics, especially questions concerning the relation between belief and realism, especially in light of ontological naturalism, and scientistic reductionism, on the one hand, and cultural relativism and Postmodernism, on the other.

Details on contacting Conor Cunningham can be found here.